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Final Day

Posted Jan 10, 2016

Today we experienced our last day in Panama. After getting to
experience the Panama Canal, fantastic markets, and of course the
classic Panamanian food, we hit the beach for some fun and relaxation!
There was plenty of time enjoying the company of our Panamanian
brothers and sisters one last time. We also got to experience church
this morning where we received the warmest of welcomes and felt right
at home and very appreciated. They thanked us in front of the
congregation, and one of our own (Catherine Taylor) got to experience
the weekly birthday celebration for attenders of the church who had a
birthday during the week.

The past two days have been filled with lots of tears. Even though
we’re having a ton of fun, we are very aware that this is our last day
of the third year, marking the completion of our partnership with this
group of very special people.

We can’t thank each of them enough for their gracious hospitality, and
for loving us so well. We will all have a special place in our hearts
for them and we will never forget them.

For all of our supporters and those who have financially made it
possible for us to be here, THANK YOU! This would not be possible
without you. Tomorrow, we will wake up at the late hour of 4 am to
head to  the airport and fly back to America. We’re ready to be home,
but we know that our extended family is right here in the beautiful
country of Panama in Latin America.

Picture to come in a separate blog but wanted to give you an update!

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