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Final Day in Peru

Posted Jan 11, 2017

Final day in Peru!!! Today consisted of sleeping in, hotel breakfast with the classic bread and jam combo and a special side of eggs. After we got breakfast we spent the morning bartering and haggling for some souvenirs. We finished it off with a grand lunch and dessert. Now we’re currently trying to find ways to fit our well deserved purchases in our suitcases. 

But wow. Reflecting, i am blown away by what this trip has been. The Lord has really used the time in Peru to reveal Himself. This trip fell right in the middle of a season of me trying to figure out what my future will look like. That has turned into some anxiety, restlessness, seeking mans approval and putting matters into my own hands. So honestly I was thinking this trip was going to be hindrance because I wouldn’t be able to work on applications and work towards my goal. But again, wow. God used this trip to remind me of what He calls his people to and how big he is. I had lots of time to reflect on this last semester when I couldn’t speak to my co counselor and campers (which was way more often than not) and I was convicted with selfishness, small mindedness and that i had been more consumed with my plans than communicating with the Lord. At camp, i was paired with a Peruvian counselor who God used to make a deep impact on me. She is someone who knows how to live life on this earth and not seek the approval of man but of God. She lives life selflessly, full of passion and purpose, whether it was playing volleyball for activities or praying over the girls. Tagging along with this, I observed how she was okay with sitting down and resting where I often feel like I need to be constantly doing something to be purposeful. However this mindset often defaults to me doing things so others see me as a hard working person and so I feel purposeful. That means I’m not doing it for the Lord – and then is it worth it at all?! No. There is a time for activity and working towards goals but there is also a much needed time for rest and both things need to be done for the Lord. 

When I go back, I will still have applications to fill out, work to go to, tests to study for, etc. But I have the mindset of who I am doing this for. My future, and present for that matter, is not for myself – it is to glorify the Lord and to make His name known. 1 Timothy 1:17 reminds me of where my mind needs to be whenever i do anything, work or rest- 

“Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen. ”

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  1. Hey team!! Y’all are awesome!! So glad yesterday was so fun (the first part of it at least), and can’t wait to hear/see what y’all got at the markets! Hopefully TJ got to use some of his excellent bartering skills 😉

    Praying for you as you’re navigating the way home- we love you & will see you soon!!!