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Posted Jan 7, 2016

We have sadly reached the last full day of camp today. It’s amazing to think that camp here in Panama is almost over. Our counselors have loved every minute of it and are soaking up every ounce of time they have left! Last night, the Panamanian counselors took their turn to share testimonies and teach from God’s word. Guillermo Findlay, a local med school graduate, spoke of how our plan is different from the plan of God’s. Yet, even though we can’t see what he has planned for us, it should be our will to daily seek his.

Yesterday afternoon, we held a camp-wide competition of four different teams that included Panamanian counselors, campers, and us! The games were very creative and the Panamanian’s did a PHENOMENAL job leading them! After the game, we of course went to the pool and the beach!! Pictures at the beach are soon to follow.

The TONIGHT we are having our end of camp Fiesta! The party is a neon theme and the kids (and definitely us) are very excited about it.

Each day, these kids are becoming more and more open to learning of the Word (and American football as well) and the change in many of these kids is evident. There have been stories of kids just weeping upon hearing the message at night and every night, the kids get the opportunity to talk about what they’ve learned with their counselors and the rest of their cabin.

All in all, we still cannot thank you all enough for the support and the prayers as we continue to have camp here. Even though our time is almost up, we have an entire day and a half with these kids and these counselors and we’re grateful for that!

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