Ain’t no party like a Pine Cove party cause a Pine Cove party don’t stop!! Man how I’d love to have y’all here to experience how great of a party Costa Rica can have. It’s day 2 or 3 with our older set of campers and lets talk about how awesome our God is to allow us to worship so freely without the worry of language being an issue! Although today was full of rain that didn’t stop us from having a great day at camp! 

We rejoice and find peace in our brokenness as Costa Rica shows us a great example of what community looks like! It’s my first time having campers from the age of 13-18 and to see that there are people in a different country, that are equally if not more so, in love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly eye opening. It’s encouraging to know that we are not alone on this journey and that one day we’ll all be able to sing glory to God in heaven!

Continue to pray as we will soon be wrapping up our job here in Costa Rica, that God continue to move hearts using the vessels that He has placed here! 

-Fernando Castellon