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Howdy y’all! (We havent been able to say that in a while!) So heres the deal. The internet here is off the hook! so here are some pictures this morning for you guys to enjoy. Also these two links right here are to some pretty awesome videos. One is the gauntlet and one is your necessary daily does of Jam being motivating.

Also, you guys should know that we are going to have a comment contest! Comment with your favorite picture, words of encouragement, or whatever you want. But Tj and Ben have a specific number in mind and if your comment is the comment number they have chosen you will win a trinket from Costa Rica!!! and trust me….YOU WANT THIS TRINKET GUYS! LETS GOOOO!




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El Diablo cactuspillar!

El Diablo cactuspillar!


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More pictures to come soon, if internet is permitting. If not, when we get to the airport we will give you guys the picture and video hookup. Remember to comment so you can win the prize!!