[The main picture of this post is where we eat our meals while here in Arraijan.]

It’s always fun when people get to know one another on a deeper level. Trips like this are perfect opportunities to do just that. also synonymous with trips like this are inside jokes. We were touring around Panama yesterday, and somehow people began to challenge each other to bury their faces in various things. For example, I challenged Carlos to face his burrito at lunch. That game gives an all new meaning to the phrase “face your fears!”


Today we went to church at PIBA Communidad. It is always refreshing to join them in worship here at the school building where they meet. Our team is quickly integrating with the Panamanian people. Again, I love my team.



After church, we ate lunch and had a little time to visit with one another. Now, the team is playing soccer with some of the youth at the church.








Here in a few minutes, we will travel to a mountain in the area that overlooks the ocean. I’m not really sure what else we’re going to do, but that is the nature of this trip! One of the biggest lessons we’re learning is the idea of enjoying each other’s company and not looking ahead to the next thing. After meals we sit and talk for substantial periods of time. I could get used to this idea of not running around all the time.

Our time here has been really fun, and camp starts tomorow! We will post pictures of our trip to the mountain. Pray for our team and the Panamanian counselors who will be working together this week. As always, leave your comments below and we will read them to the team soon!