After a late night of saying goodbye to our Panama leaders we woke up to another traditional Panamanian breakfast consisting of tortillas, beef flanks, and watermelon. Our tourist day will be lead by our camp contact, Cesar. He started off our trip by taking us to the beach. This isn’t your traditional beach. It’s more of a village port, that the locals use. Looking out on the beach you could see beautiful mountains and islands rising out of the mist in the distance. We had fun relaxing, taking pictures, and exploring the area. After a quick stop by camp, we reminisced over our teenage musical tastes, led by DJ Monty. Our first stop in Panama City had us exploring the ruins of the original city, “Panama Viejo”. We climbed to the top of one of the buildings and there was a breathtaking view of the modern city and the ocean. It was a collision of Panama’s old and new. After a short trip we found ourselves at a double deck McDonalds. After several Big Mac’s and and delicious fries, we are loading the bus and heading to the Panama Canal!

Los veo pronto!
-Monty Ray