One of the toughest barriers to overcome on trips like these is the language barrier. Here’s something I have learned over the course of time spent with my friends from PIBA:

-Language barrier without the context of relationship proves to be a tough obstacle. Our year one trip in 2012 taught me that.
-Language barrier with the context of a trusting relationship can be an opportunity to work together for a common goal – communication – and is achieved relatively easily. Not only that, but it’s fun to fill in each other’s gaps of vocabulary (even if it is HEAVY on the they-help-us-out-way-more-than-we-help-them-out side).

It seems as though the church we partner with buys in a little more each year. Since this is the third and final year, they are pulling out all the stops. Tonight, we had Panamanian Chinese food, spoke some serious Spanglish to one another, and danced the night away. One thing is for sure about our Panamanian friends, they love to dance.

Towers staff and Panamanian staff making big moves on the dance floor on the first night together

Jesse learns a little something from the pastor’s son, Mateo

Well, today has been LONG. We’ve been provided for in a major way, and are about to get some much needed rest. Tomorrow, we’re going to tour around Panama City and take in the beautiful scenery this country has to offer. Hasta mañana!