I thought this was a fun end to our day.  Our program director, Sergio, talked to me at dinner about the kids going to bed early.  He thought they seemed tired and would need the extra sleep.  I told him this was a great idea, and we could send them to bed after all the groups presented their cabin cheers.

Interesting turn of events, however.

We did the cabin cheers and it was “superWOW” in Sergio’s words.  And then he asked the camp if they were tired…and all the kids that we thought were tired almost started to riot.

So we improvised.

Sergio, being the camp savvy program director had us plan a game just in case the kids wanted to play.   And we played a modified version of a night game that we play at Pine Cove called Commando.  What ensued was somewhat comical.

In complete darkness, we ended up basically playing an hour and a half of “tag”.  Lots of yelling, not a lot of sneaking.  But tons of fun.  And any kids who weren’t tired already, were now tired, right?


We got back and they started chanting that we play Commando again.  Yikes.  Talk about a mob!  We played a couple games in our meeting room, which is where my pics are from tonight.  And then of course we capped off a full day with a classic dance of “The Wobble”.

A great day, all in all.

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow,