Eliminating Distractions

Posted Jan 10, 2016

Yesterday was an amazing day of camp full of fun activities, Bible study, delicious food, and team building exercises. Campers enjoyed spending time on the camp’s ropes course, shooting archery, and playing tons of field sports! But the most popular has been our newest activity, Bonzer Ball (or Gaga ball).



Roll Tide! 


Throughout the day many things tried to grasp our focus and distract us from why we are here. Power went out. Water went out. Our river slide broke. Bugs and mosquitos were in full force. Exhaustion and “worry about our gastrointestinals” (quoted from Carson Hadaway…haha) were just a few of the distractions thrown our way. 

But during the night we played a game where the campers were placed on a path with many distractions. The distractions tried to persuade and manipulate them to fall into certain temptations along the way. In the same way we were tempted throughout the day to choose the path that may have seemed easier. The path of complaining. The path of ingratitude. The path filled with discontent. 

However, we know the Lord calls us to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily, and follow Him (Luke 9:23).

After the game the campers were able to realize that the distractions in the game represented things in their own lives that may be hindering them in their walk with Christ. 

As a staff we chose to set our minds on the things above, to seek joy in the Lord despite uncomfortable circumstances, and to eliminate distractions by focusing on the eternal not the temporary. 

By the end of the night campers were able to grasp this truth as well, and willing to choose the path that leads to righteousness. 

Today is our last day of camp. Please pray that the Lord would give us His energy, His joy, His patience, His strength as we finish up this last day. Glory to God!

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  1. What a full 9 days!! We have prayed for the work of this team and that your feet would take you where the Lord was leading and that your hands would do the work he placed there for you to do. You have sewed so that he might reap. Prayers for a safe journey home and peace and excitement about all that you accomplished in his mighty name!!