Today was the day! The campers finally arrived to camp. This morning we woke up early and Sarah (Jones), Moriah, and Jordan headed out with some of the Peruvian staff so that they could come back to camp in the buses with the campers. They got to see a lot of Peru on their bus ride. The buses pulled in at about 11 this morning and we’ve had a full day ever since!

This week camp is based on the story of Jesus and Zaccheus and our camp is the city of Jericho. Taylor is playing Jesus and he got to welcome all the kids into camp.

The cabins got together and made their rules for the week and also made up their cabin cheers. After lunch we all got in the pool and played some games. (The pool is definitely the way to the hearts of Peruvian children).

After tons of pushing kiddos on the swings at the playground, we are now hearing all the cabins present their cheers. Tonight we’re looking forward to a good meal and a bonfire!

Everyone is doing so great and speaking Spanish like champs.

We may or may not get to post pictures this week, so I’ll leave it up to you to imagine exactly what camp looks like! Hasta mañana!