Camp continues to be a blast for our campers and our staff! Last night something really cool happened: we got 3G service on the mountain and got to upload a few pictures! It was not a lot but it was enough. I am so glad I was able to post some pictures to give at least a little visual of what God is doing here in Honduras. We will continue to post pictures if we continue to get connection. (Unfortunately, I just tried to post pictures to this blog and they would not upload because we are not getting 3G tonight.)

Even cooler, last night our counselors got to go around with their cabins and talk about how Jesus loves us and calls us friend and he also makes us part of his family. The cabins did this as they walked around camp and asked each other intentional questions. One of the questions was: what has been the most significant spiritual experience of your life? Seeds were definitely planted in this activity as the cabins discussed what matters most in life.

After this activity, we had a special club in the “fugeta,” which is a big covered pavilion with a fire pit in the middle. It was a cool atmosphere as we all say around the fire. Then, one of our local leaders did a passionate gospel presentation and then each cabin sat together and talked about the message. What happened was incredible. Several campers professed faith in Jesus for the first time! Praise God! Conor and Brandon each said they had kids in their cabin that did this. Pray that these salvations would be genuine and that the children would be disciples and assured of their salvation.

Following our reflection time, we had an amazing, celebratory time of praise and worship. As our counselors reflected on this time last night, they were struck with the hope that one day we will all be in heaven worshiping together with these children and people of a different race and nation who have accepted Christ as the king of their life! What an awesome thought! We all want to thank everyone again for their prayers and encouragement as we are getting to see firsthand the way that God is using them in a mighty way!

Today has been another incredible, beautiful day! It was cool to be able to walk around the Bible studies and see everyone digging into God’s word. Our counselors, although most of them can’t communicate to the kids the truths in the bible study due to the language barrier, were still engaged and prayerful during bible study time. It was cool watching Kyle in his bible study today praying for his kids and encouraging them to focus on what their Honduran counselor was saying. I pray that our campers will believe and share the truths they learned today!

I was talking to a Honduran counselor today and he told me that he got saved at Castillo Del Rey, the camp we are at, twenty years ago and has been serving here ever since. Another Honduran counselor told Savannah that she got saved at a week long Christian camp when she was seven that a bunch of Americans came to. It is so cool to think that some of the kids in the bible studies today could grow up and make disciples for Jesus because of a life transforming experience they had this week. The mission of Jesus is what life is all about and it has been so awesome to see our Pine Cove and Honduran counselors live that out this week!

Funny Misspoken Spanish of the Day: This might be the funniest one yet! Cameron and his cabin were playing capture the flag. He needed some clarifications on the rules, so he asked one of our Honduran, girl counselors a question. He politely asked, “Donde esta la calsón?” Thinking he had asked, “Where is the jail?” (cárcél). However, what he actually had asked was, “Where is the ladies underwear?” (Calsón is a slang word for ladies undergarments haha). The girl counselor’s reaction was priceless!! After she explained what he had said we all laughed hysterically.