Posted Jan 5, 2017

Day one camp is finished! Today marks a day of flexibility and plenty of communication stumbles, but nonetheless a day full of joy and seeing the Lord’s faithfulness. We started the day by prepping ourselves with pancakes and incredible Costa Rican coffee. Really, the coffee is all it’s hyped up to be. 
With little knowledge of what to expect from the day, we embraced the unknowns through the confidence we are able to have in our God. That’s not to say the fear didn’t creep in, because it was tempting. But there is no fear in love. And our God is love. And thankfully our confidence is in the mighty power of Jesus Christ and not our own! 
Campers! These campers are so fun and joyful. Their excitement to be here was a great start to our day. Most of the excitement was for the pool, which was packed during free time. 

After a day full of activities, the campers got the chance to steal a little bit of treasure from our skit characters. The Costa Rican staff closed the night by sharing that our earthly treasures will fade away, but God has given us an eternal treasure in Christ. The Costa Rican staff has been a joy to work alongside. It is incredible to see how the love and joy of the gospel translate, despite any language barrier. We might not always understand each other’s words, but we are, in some ways, more easily able to love through our actions and attitudes.

-Lauren Roberts 

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  1. Prayed for you this morning Lauren! Love hearing what the Lord is doing through you guys! Also, that topic picture is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. So glad to see what you all are up to! Praying for you and for many lives to be touched for His kingdom.??❤️