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Día Uno: Arrival

Posted Jan 3, 2017

¡Bienvenidos! We made it to Guatemala and are looking forward to our week ahead. The weather is beautiful and the people have been incredibly hospitable.  

We had an early start to our day out of DFW at 4:15am. We connected in Miami to catch our final flight to Guatemala City. When we arrived, the leaders welcomed us with open arms, excited to take us to the campsite. 


Once we arrived at camp, we met up with the Guatemalan Team and started building relationships with one another. For dinner, we ate a Guatemalan hot dog specialty, Shucos. It was a big hit!


Tomorrow, our high school campers come, and we cannot be more excited to meet them. We have a lot of activities planned and are ready to see what the Lord has in store.


We would love for you to join us in prayer over the next few days for our campers, the Guatemalan staff, and us. ¡Nos Vemos!
(Pictures to Come!)

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  1. Will be sending prayers for open hearts to receive the precious gift of Christ’s love with the campers.

  2. Praying!! So glad y’all had a good trip and a warm welcome! Looking forward to hearing how today went 🙂