¿Hola, que tal? It is our first full day of camp! Today included team building stations, water Olympics, going deeper in God’s word and strengthening our relationships with the Guatemalan team, as well as the campers.
The water Olympic games included many competitions and relays. However, the most enjoyable was having Pine Cove counselors try and guess the names of various Olympic Games in Spanish. If the counselor guessed incorrectly, they would be doused with water. After multiple laughs and wrong answers, the campers had the chance to guess the Olympic Games in English, with the same consequences.

In bible studies, the campers are learning and discussing ¿Quién es primero?

It is designed to help the campers learn how to study the bible on their own, as well as how to place Christ first in their daily life. This time has been an eye opening experience for both the campers and staff. Travis Cotton, one of our Pine Cove team members, expressed what the Lord has taught him since being here.

“The aroma of God is evident here, throughout camp (2 Cor. 2:15). I am so astounded by God’s grace in letting me come to this point in my life. Everything that lead me to this place, started with an acceptance of a summer job in Tyler, TX. Although it was hard, I did my best to submit to the Lord’s will, and He has brought me to this amazing experience. I cannot imagine what God will allow me and the team to do next.” 
Please continue to pray as the high school campers go home tomorrow morning, and we welcome elementary aged campers in the afternoon. ¡Ciao!