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Dia Dos: Campers

Posted Jan 4, 2017

¡Buenos noches! Campers are here, and the time is flying by! Today was filled with camp activities, dance moves, and our own Olympic Ceremony.

We welcomed campers with a Pine Cove gauntlet, getting them excited to be here. Once everyone was moved in to his or her cabin assignments, camp was in full swing. Two Pine Cove staffers join a cabin of five to six campers, lead by a Guatemalan counselor. Each cabin was given a country and created a flag to represent the country. The countries ranged from Germany to Greece, all the way to Argentina.

After all the countries were introduced, we shared our favorite dance moves from Pine Cove with the campers. The crowd favorite was “Footloose.” We cannot wait to share more of our favorite dances later in the week.

We later played Zorball and enjoyed crafts. The activities continued with the camp’s own version of Capture the Flag. We dressed in all black, hid a team ribbon around the campus, and pelted balls of flour at opposing team members when they got close, until there was a winner. ¡Fue muy divertido!

Please continue to pray with us for the campers, along with our time here. ¡Hasta leugo! 

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