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Día Cuatro: Los Niños

Posted Jan 6, 2017

¡Hola, que pasa! It is day four in Guatemala. Unfortunately today, we had to say goodbye to our high school campers. But we said hello to our elementary campers!

Almost double the amount of campers arrived today at 4pm today, and they certainly brought the energy. From Jenga to Water-Jug-Baseball, it has been a blast to have six to thirteen year olds running around!

This afternoon, we had another Olympic Ceremony for los niños. Each cabin was assigned a color of the Olympic rings and created team names and chants. Later in the night, the cabins competed against one another in a game called, “Lights and Sounds.” Teams ran throughout camp on a scavenger hunt, trying to find counselors who either had colored flashing lights, or unique sound instruments. Once a team found all the hidden lights and sounds, they won! The winner tonight was Team Verde, aka The Greenies.

We finished off the night with the award ceremony and some Pine Cove dance moves. Over the next few days, the cabins will continue to battle head to head to see which team will come out victorious!

Please continue to pray for these campers, as well as the presence of the Lord moving here at camp. We have learned and witnessed so much joy from these kids over the past few days. ¡Hasta luego!

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  1. Les mando bendiciones y pido que nuestro Dios les da la energia, paciencia, y amor que necesitan para mostrar a los ninos el precioso amor de Cristo. Tengan un dia maravilloso!