¿Como estan? It was the first full day of camp for los niños. Today was jam packed with two bible studies, camp activities, and a nighttime campfire. 
Throughout the day, kids participated in a rally, rotating stations around camp and played fun, camp games. We relived our childhood with face painting and a giant parachute. This afternoon, we cooled off with Water Olympics! From relay races to water balloons fights, the kids were running around soaking wet and smiles on their faces. 

Since being in Guatemala, our eyes and hearts have been opened. Los niños are learning ¿Quién es Primero? in their bible studies. They have been talking about how Christ needs to be first in their lives and how to do so. Taylor Winchester, a counselor on our staff, has also been inspired since being here.

“From reading Isaiah during this trip, I have learned more of Jesus’ humble walk on Earth. I have read more about His restoration and redemptions of mankind, and I think it speaks a lot to what we are doing here in Guatemala. Our time here has been a time of humility for our team due to the language barrier. However, just as Jesus’ entrance on Earth was humble, so we have humbled ourselves to learn and trust in the Lord. I have experienced the rich love of Christ through the Guatemalans, the kids, and the Pine Cove Staff since arriving, and I know that Christ is on display here.”
Please continue to pray for our team and time with the campers and Guatemalan staff. ¡Nos vemos!