Today we said goodbye to our campers. It has been quite the week with them here and we were sad to see them go.

This week has been a whirlwind. We have spent a lot of time nodding, making hand signals, tickling, dancing, and pushing kids on swings. We have prayed for our campers, worked alongside the Peruvian counselors, and served for the sake of the gospel. As I got to sit down with some kids yesterday and hear from the pastor of their church, it has become increasingly evident that the culture in the city they’re from is pretty corrupt. Although our eyes have been opened to this, we trust that the Lord is sovereign and has worked in the lives of these kids this week at camp. We know that the good news of Jesus has been shared with them and hopefully they take that truth back to their friends and families!

Right now we are taking some time to reflect and rest before tonight. We’ll have dinner and debrief our week with the Peruvian team. They’ve also asked us to do some “evaluations” with their staff to share what we’ve seen in them this week. It should be a great time of remembering stories from the week and encouraging each other.

Tomorrow we’ll pack up and head out around 9 to do some tourism until our flight that leaves at 5. I’m not sure exactly what we’re doing for our tourism, but we’ll keep you updated! We’re excited to come home and share stories with you all. Thanks for reading!