Hey friends! Our group is currently wrapping up an extremely eventful day at camp. Counselors are tucking in their campers and preparing for our evening meeting as I type.



Our day started quickly. Our schedule was for us to be awake and ready for the day by 7:30 so we could casually and peacefully eat breakfast with our Tico counselors. However, at 7:25 we got word that our first bus of campers was five minutes away. Before the sleep was wiped from our eyes, the bus rolled in and we scrambled to form our first gauntlet. For those of you who don’t know, a gauntlet is a line formed by counselors who scream, jump, cheer, etc. the entire time while campers cars or bodies come through the line. We cheered until the last nino was off the bus, and then hurriedly finished setting up camp, preparing for the day, and meeting our campers! It wasn’t ten minutes later that another bus arrived, full of more campers! We were thrilled to receive around 60 campers for our younger session, which consists of kids ages 8-12.

costa rica

After some free time, everyone gathered in the chapel for the rules of the camp. After the rules, some of our counselors partnered with the Ticos to put on a skit for the kids. The skit showed the life change that the Gospel has on humans. It was a fun, easy skit that packed an extremely powerful message. It didn’t even have words! The Lord is so good to be able to show us His glory and power without using a word. It was a perfect way to start this camp session!

costa rica

The kids were then placed into cabins with a mixture of our counselors and our group. They were then tasked with coming up with a cabin name, flag and borro (cheer). These were presented before lunch, where spaghetti was served and it was muy delicioso!



After lunch, activity classes began! Just like at Camp In the City, each activity came with a spiritual application. So while these kids shot bows and arrows, threw balls off a parachute, or simply shot a basketball, they were hearing about the good news of Christ. Throughout our classes, spurts of random rain would soak our campers and counselors! but we couldn’t complain at all, because it felt so good in this 80 degree weather.

costa rica

Then came dinner where we had our first plate of rice and beans! The staple we had all been waiting for! It came with fried chicken and salad, and let me tell ya folks. This fried chicken was LITERALLY SO GOOD, WOW! It was at dinner that we also discovered how much our campers love to sing the Macarena and do the dance that goes with it. At one point our entire camp was unanimously doing the Macarena. The difference between us and the campers is that they actually know the words, and of course we just sing “dun da da dun da dun da da dun duna”.



We transitioned into club, or worship time, where our group was pleasantly surprised to be able to sing Yes Lord in English while our campers sang in Spanish. One of our Tico leaders brought the evening message, which was about keeping the Lord number one in your life, above all other things! The message ended in prayer with individual cabins. While sitting in the back, I could already see the bonds forming with the campers and the counselors. It shows just how powerful God is! Despite the language barrier, these children are able to see Christ’s love through the smiles, hugs, cheers, and games of futbol.

costa rica

You should be proud of your trip member, because they are killing it for the Kingdom. 


Our night ended with a very intense game of ships and sailors, followed by a just as equally anxiety raising game of Four Corners. No counselor was able to pull out a win in either one..those kids were just too good!


The camp day ended with a “Circle of Friendship” in which the cabin has the opportunity to talk about their day and become vulnerable and close with their cabin members. That wraps up the day and brings us to the evening meeting! Our group is physically exhausted, but after a nights rest and the Lords help, we will be more than ready to tackle day two with our precious campers.



P.S. When we arrived, our group only knew about one shower that we could use for the entire week. As we discover more rooms and buildings on the camp site, we keep finding more showers. We are up to FIVE WHOLE SHOWERS, PEOPLE. Jehovah Jirah.