Day 9: Our Last Day :(

Posted Jan 11, 2018

Hi faithful followers!

Apologies for the late post – big day today! Yesterday after lunch we played our final round of our water balloon volleyball/soccer tournament and then headed to coffee break! It was delicious as always.

After, we headed to our cabin for a “momento emocional.” This was a basically a time for campers to head back to their cabins and discuss with their counselors everything God taught them this week. From what our counselors shared with us, it was a very powerful time! God definitely moved in the hearts of our campers this week!

Dinner was a delicious Costa Rican version of lasagna and then it was time for worship!

Abdiel, who I introduced you to yesterday, gave the talk about how your past failures don’t keep you from choosing to be the “first ones” today. We then passed around sheets of paper to write down our New Years resolutions and action steps to be the “first ones” in different areas of our lives.

We then headed our to the “fogata” or fire and threw our resolutions in it to symbolize our resolutions being carried by the wind taking them up to God. Pretty cool! After that, we worshipped around the fire and no fire is compete without s’mores!! We also had some yummy hot chocolate too 🙂

After, we met as a PC group and reminisced about how much God has done in 5 days – what a blessing!

This morning started with breakfast and then went straight to celebracion because it’s only a half day of camp today! During celebration, Sebastian brought up the counselors and spoke to the kids about their purpose for being at camp and how they were there to serve! So cool!

After, Sebastian (the pastor) spoke about Daniel and his resolve to be the first to stand up for God. He encouraged the campers to be lights to those around them!

We had one final “summer morning” or free time where there was much soccer, volleyball, and swimming to be had.

Lunch was followed by a small closing celebration where we worshipped and did all the Pine Cove dances we taught them!

We also announced our winner of the tournament! Congrats to Invierno!!

After our closing celebration, we took pictures and said goodbye to our new friends 🙁 It was sad to say goodbye to these wonderful people but there was joy and hearts of thankfulness for everything they taught us!

Luckily, we still got to hang with a few of them after campers left!

The Costa Rican’s took us to a mall is San Jose where we went to a local grocery store and stocked up on Costa Rican candies, cookies, and coffee! We loved it!

After that we said goodbye to a few more of our friends but not everyone because a lot of them are riding with us to the airport at the insane hour of 3:30am tomorrow! God bless them!

We’re now back at the campsite ready to get a little sleep before our bus to the airport. Look out for a post once we’re through security and ready for our flight! Our flight is AA 2436 if you want to track it!

We are so sad to leave but ready to be home with friends and family! ¡Adios Costa Rica and Hola USA!

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