Day 8: Were Feeling Great!!

Posted Jan 10, 2018

Hey Y’all!

It’s our last full day of camp and we are so sad 🙁 BUT today’s update starts with yesterday’s lunch so its like we get to relive it all over again! Yay!

After our lunch by the pool and a little rest time, we continued with our water balloon volleyball/paired soccer tournament! Every game that we have played here at camp has been played with a team! Each person (campers and counselors) were put on one of 4 teams and each team name is a different season! Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter (or Primavera, Verano, Atumno, and Invierno) are all competing to win THE championship at the end of camp! It’s so fun! In this round Spring played Summer and Winter played Fall!

We then headed back to our cabins to get ready for dinner! Every night before dinner the boys and girls have a competition to see who will get to eat first and it’s so fun to watch! Here’s a little video:

After dinner we went into worship time and to be honest, I’m not sure we were ready for what the Holy Spirit was going to do during that time. After a few worship songs, the Costa Rican’s transitioned into a time of prayer for one another. Suddenly the room was filled with voices. Everyone was walking around the room and praying specifically for other counselors and campers. One of our PC staffers even got to lead a camper to Christ – WOOHOO!! It was a time we’ll never forget and it was a cool reminder of what God is doing in the lives of these kids.

After that, we went straight to bed because our next morning started a little earlier than usual at 6:30am!

Rise and Shine!! At 6:30am sharp we started the preparations for our Rally (basically a relay race around camp). All the seasons yelled their cheers as loud as they could to pump up their teams to win! They all wanted to win because the prize was breakfast!!

The Rally was so fun! To fully understand what the rally was all about, you need to know that our theme for camp this week is “El Primero” which means “The First.” Its encouraging the campers to put Jesus first in their lives and also asking them to be the first among their friends and family to choose to be like Jesus in any situation! Basically saying: Be trailblazers for Jesus! Based on that theme, each team in the rally met up with different characters around camp that were “the first” at something (for example, Amelia Earhart or Marie Curie)! They were asked questions and if they got it wrong they were given a small “punishment” to do to receive their next clue. Eventually they finished at the dining hall where breakfast was served!

After breakfast, all four teams competed against each other again in a few fun and sometimes hilarious games!

Our first was a game where you passed a sponge full of water back with your feet and tried to fill your bottle to the top with water.

Then we played a game that was a combination of red rover, duck duck goose, and the sponge game from earlier. It was so funny!The third game was ultimate frisbee and the fourth was good ol’ fashion dodgeball!

We then headed in for a delicious lunch of rice, pico de Gallo, fried fish, and potatoes – yum! It was one of our favorite meals so far!

Thats has been our day so far! Oh, but there’s one more thing. After lunch during rest time Davis and Abdiel (our incredible Costa Rican program director…here’s a pic of him):

Found a feature on the megaphone where you can record things on loop. So they recorded this and let it play over camp during rest time:

That’s right…it’s literally the first 15 seconds of “Let It Go” from Frozen on non-stop loop. They haven’t stopped recording things since lunch. Needless to say things here are fun and going great. We are thankful that humor can bring different cultures together!!

Stay tuned for our last day of camp tomorrow and any final adventures we may have in store! You won’t wanna miss them!


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  1. Haha – so yall did hill sprints for breakfast!?

    Love what y’alls lesson is putting Jesus first. As a believer this is life in obedience Luke 9:23-24!