Day 7: Camp Feels Like Heaven!

Posted Jan 9, 2018


We have another guest blogger today, please welcome Bella Wood!!


Hello readers!!! I am so excited to get to be the guest blogger today!!! I can’t wait to share all of the incredible adventures we are having with you!

After lots of game time yesterday, we went back to our cabins and were given a scene from a movie to practice and perform in front of all of camp. Here’s some pics of us practicing!

The scenes ranged from Despicable Me to Mr. Bean’s Christmas Holiday. Needless to say we were in for a treat. The Costa Rican campers were SO into it! As soon as our scenes were assigned, they were planning costumes, lines, and facial expressions for everyone in the cabin, including their non-Spanish speaking American counselors. I think my favorite part of the performance was seeing Nate dressed up as Shrek, complete with a pillow stuffed into his shirt for his costume, and attempting to say all of his lines in Spanish. 

After his first line, the laughter did not stop for the rest of the night. Ultimately, Van’s scene from “Up” won the whole show, but I think we would all agree that watching the skits was a prize in itself.

Once everybody settled down, our Costa Rican leaders told us that they had a surprise for us! They brought in a giant inflatable screen and we were going to be watching a movie under the stars!!! The kids and the counselors just went wild with excitement. We all went back to our cabins to grab warm blankets and headed down to the parking lot where we watched Hacksaw Ridge. From the opening scene to the very end, all of our eyes were glued to the screen as we watched what it looks like to have your faith persecuted and to fully trust God, even when it’s really, really hard to. This movie inspired lots of good conversations with the campers and lead them each to become more vulnerable about their own struggles in their faith. I think that has been one of the coolest parts of Commission Camping, seeing how our campers here struggle with some of the same things I struggle with. Despite the language barrier, I have been able to share their burdens and joys with them and learn about their own relationships with the Lord. Each of my girls has such an emotional connection to God and their desire to know more about Him is inspiring. Sometimes I feel like they are counseling me!

Today started off with a morning devo followed by breakfast, worship (I now always have Spanish worship songs stuck in my head), bible study and then “Summer Time” which is essentially free time to swim or play sports. 

My cabin decided to head to play volleyball where we totally OWNED the court. 

We had a local Costa Rican lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs before heading back to our cabins to change and rest before our afternoon of games.

In the middle of our rest time, one of my girls asked me to come outside and dance with the other Americans for her Instagram live feed. Naturally, it turned into a giant dance party where we taught the campers the Chainsaw, Church Clap, and more.

Every moment here is exciting, especially since we never really know what is coming next! I have climbed more hills than I can count and I can no longer feel my legs, yet the view from the top never gets old. We are surrounded by beautiful land and even better people. I have been overwhelmed with the hospitality and kindness of our Costa Rican friends. Even today, one of my campers offered to translate our bible study time so that I would feel more included. I have gotten to see so much of the Lord’s character just by spending time with my cabin and have felt the Lord’s love through the way these people genuinely love others. It rocks! Costa Rica rocks! Coffee breaks ROCK!!!

I am still trying to figure out how we are ever going to say good bye to this place and our new friends but until them I am soaking up every second of it! Pura Vida!!!


Thanks for reading! See y’all tomorrow!

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  1. First of all, the facilities look INCREDIBLE. Water slides! A pool under a cover??! Wow. I am glad to hear that your calf muscles are getting the workouts they deserve after so much time away from camp. I’m thankful on your behalf for all your coffee breaks.

    Memories that are coming back to me as I look at photos:
    1. The tiny megaphone that plays Beethoven’s Für Elise (had to look up the title to the song).
    2. Rice on rice on rice.
    3. Talent show type events that require you to dress up like Shrek or potentially Jesus (shout out to Daniel Legare, 2016) and speak Spanish.
    4. Trying to follow along with the lyrics to the songs in Spanish and being so close but not so close at all.


  2. Uhhh yuhh those facilities are AWESOME and those views!

    HACKSAW RIDGE!! Great movie and that totally caught me off guard haha – I was expecting something like Tangled.

    The tiny string around the Ogre’s waist – what great costume designer touches ha!

    Please tell me y’all are doing a skit!

    Also someone did a TERRIBLE job of putting mustard on that hotdog.