Day 6: Chillero

Posted Jan 8, 2017

Today we welcomed our second round of campers! We have 60 middle and high school students and we are pumped! We welcomed them and played lots of ice breakers to get to know them. This afternoon we did activity classes, and Gaga ball is a huge hit as well as the slack line. It’s really fun to teach American camp games here in Guatemala!

This afternoon we spent some time in God’s word and learning about finding treasure in heavenly things. Tonight we played a fun version of hide and seek and worshipped and finished with a club talk. 

We’re also starting to get pretty good at Spanish! Here’s some of our favorite Guatemalan words:

Chillero= SO cool

Shuco= dirty 

Clavo= problem

Mucha= people

Being at camp and getting to serve the Lord is “chillero”. Be praying for safety and rest tonight as we get ready for our last few days at camp. We want to give it our all! 

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  1. Man, sounds like a great first day of camp! I wanna see a picture of a famous Guatemalan bird…come on Tanner, I know you know them all!

  2. Loving the beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing!! Praying God continues to use you mightily!!!!