¡Hola! So sorry for the late post! Our team has had a blast tonight. Time just got away from us! 

The big news of today is: our campers left today 🙁 

But we had the greatest three days of camp ever! We are so grateful for everything God did and taught us through these campers and counselors in Panama. 

We had a normal first half of our day but after lunch our campers went outside to take an all camp photo. Little did they know – their Panamanian counselors had a surprise waiting for them! They took what they call a “splash photo.” Basically, they throw water on the campers and yell “surprise!” – which makes for a pretty hilarious photo!

After that, we said goodbye to our Panamanian friends and exchanged lots of cards, gifts, and Instagram handles. Below are a few of our final photos with our campers!

After we said our goodbyes and buses full of campers left, we had some fun with just staff! The Panamanian staff (mainly our friend Carmen and our translator Oliver) gave us a dance lesson! It was awesome! We returned the favor by teaching them a little Texas two-stepping. 

After our dance lessons, we ate some dinner and enjoyed some much needed rest and fun. We took showers, played UNO, took naps, and played a little around the world soccer!

Tomorrow – it’s tourism day!! And WE ARE SO EXCITED.

Get ready for some really fun pictures tomorrow because we’ll be out and about experiencing the best of Panama!

Until then – ¡Buenos Noches!