Day 6: And camp is still so FUN!!

Posted Jan 8, 2018

Hello Everyone!

It’s our first full day of camp and we are having SO MUCH fun!

Here to tell you all about it is one of our awesome staffers, Tyler Kibbe – Take it away Tyler!


Hola from day 6 here in Costa Rica!

My name is Tyler “Tapples” Kibbe, and I’ll be Guest Blogging to update you on our adventures in this beautiful country!

Yesterday was definitely a full day of camp, and we loved every second of it. After the campers arrived at La Campiña, all 80 of us piled into the dinning hall to feast on a traditional chicken rice dish with tuna pasta salad. We drank our Té Verde (it’s kind of like a Costa Rican version of sweet green tea) and waited for Club or “Celbración”to begin!

While the campers and counselors were playing games earlier in the day, Jacob and I helped the local staff transform the dinning hall into a club room that would rival any other!

After dinner, we were able worship in Spanish and tried our best to understand our Costa Rican friend’s sermon that followed.

This morning, we got an early start to the day! At 7am, the counselors lead a devotional of the Beatitudes for their campers before heading to another traditional breakfast of Gallo Pinto con huevos y queso fresca.

We got our worship on and headed to BIBLE STUDY! The campers were introduced to the main theme of the camp: El Primero (The First).

After an incredible time of learning more about our Father, we got to bond with our Costa Rican friends through games that need to no language! Campers split up into teams for some healthy competition through a game of three-legged soccer and some water balloon volleyball! We had a BLAST forming relationships and tearing down walls to allow the love of our Father shine through.

We have so many more fun things planned today, and we cannot wait to see how God is going to move in the lives of everyone here. Whether it’s watching Pixar movies or coming up with or watching all the kids laugh hysterically when you butcher a “simple” Spanish word, we are confident that our loving God is moving in this place. His word is being preached, his love is being shown, and the souls of the campers are being rescued from the grave.

Thank you for your continued prayers for a successful week. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be here and witness what God is doing in the lives of our campers and our own. We ask that you partner with us in praying for strength that is beyond our own, that we would be living vessels for the Lord to use for his purposes and his glory, and that we wouldn’t take for granted the time we have left in this place!

Keep an eye out for an update tomorrow around this time as well!

Until then, ¡Adios!


Yay!! Thanks Tapples!

Here’s a few extra highlights from the days as well 🙂

Welcoming our campers into their cabins:

Teaching our campers the “I Believe” dance:


More afternoon games!:

And that’s all folks! Until tomorrow!!

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  1. First of all, Hayley looks like she has a bird hat on in one of the pictures. Also, Jacob obviously can’t work camp without his whistle.

    LOOKS like you’re having a blast. I am having knee surgery tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be able to run around this summer! #prayforknee