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Day 5ing and THRIVING

Posted Jan 8, 2017

Hey there! 

Today’s post is from another fantastic Ranch staffer, Justin Doerr! Here’s a picture of him we took this morning with his “Llamaste” shirt on. Classic! Justin is hilarious! 

Take it away, Justin!

¿Que xopà? (What’s up?) Today was AWESOME! I started off the day with a quiet time out on the slab with some others on the trip. It is such an incredible view of the Panamanian countryside and, as an added bonus, I finished my quiet time with eating an orange straight from the tree #yum. 

We returned back to the dining hall to have breakfast with our teams. All of the kids here LOVE to dab so that has helped making friends a lot easier when you don’t know a ton of Spanish lol. Breakfast is always a great way to start the day off with mis amigos and the food here is delicious!

After breakfast the campers had quiet time and we helped clean up the dining hall. When the campers returned, we sang some worship, danced, laughed, and did a lot of head-banging to some of the campers’ favorite songs. It is so cool to see how the joy of the Lord radiates from the kids whenever they sing.​

​After worship, the campers went to Bible study and we started rehearsing for the talent show that is tonight! Barrett and Jared are doing a Pine Cove classic called “Chef Blueberry”(say that in a French accent) mixed with a commercial break in the middle where everyone else is dancing to “Ju Ju on that Beat.”

We returned for lunch where we ate a mixture of chicken and rice and on the side was a dish called “ensalada fiesta.” It was purple so it definitely lived up to its name. 

After lunch all of the teams split up and competed in different games throughout camp and then there was a #BibleBattleRoyale. This involved a camper from three teams who would answer questions about the Bible in 10 seconds. It got pretty intense and was definitely a fan favorite. The yellow team (Carter’s team) won!

We then got more time to practice our talents with our groups and perfect our act. With my team, team green, I am going to pretend to be Justin Bieber…prayers would be appreciated. 

I am so excited for the rest of the night to see how The Lord works in  these kids and to see the talents that He had blessed them with.

In Christ,


P.S. Hi mom and dad!!

Wow! Thanks, Justin. It is so cool to hear about what God is doing in the lives and hearts of our staff. A few other fun things from today! Today the Panamanians celebrated Sara’s belated birthday (it was yesterday) with a cake!The Panamanians then brought Sara on stage and prayed over her. It was one of the kindest things I have ever seen! Then, we had the greatest end to our day! We had a cooking class with Cesar! Cesar works for CCI and is PASSIONATE about Christian camping. He is so generous with us and shares with us about the history of Panama any chance he gets. He also continually speaks of the Lord’s faithfulness and it’s inspiring. Today he taught us how to make patacones – basically double fried plantains. They were incredible! Here’s some photos and videos from cooking class!

​Now it’s time for the talent show and we are PUMPED. Until tomorrow! ¡Buenos Noches from Panama!

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  1. Greetings from Northern California!

    Thank you Justin and all of the counselors for sharing the daily happenings of camp at Ranch Panama through photos and fabulous guest blogs! Your love of the Lord and your willingness to share His truths shines through. Keep going and finish strong! P.S. – Love that shirt!

    Mom & Dad Doerr

    Matthew 28:19-20