Day 5ing and THRIVING at our first day of camp!!

Posted Jan 7, 2018

Hola Everyone!!

We started a little earlier this morning at 8:30am and hopped on a bus to the church (La Viña del Este) where we helped prep for our campers check in process by cleaning up our meeting room and labeling luggage!

We even made makeshift versions of the shirts all the staff were wearing…obviously we fit right in 🙂

We then mingled with the Costa Rican congregation, ate cookies, and tried some Agua Dulce (a typical Costa Rican hot drink made from Sugar Cane)!

After that we went into the sanctuary to take part in a worship service with the church. What an amazing experience! They were teaching on what it means to be “Fuerte y Valiente” or “Strong and Courageous” like the Lord commanded of Joshua in Joshua 1. What a cool reminder!

After the service we gathered all the youth that had come to the church for camp and IT WAS TIME FOR CAMP TO START! WOOHOO!

We all ate lunch together and taught the our campers and counselors how to play the “hand game” at their tables.

Davis decided he would be the referee of the game and asked a Costa Rican what referee was in Spanish, to which they replied, “refrigerador.” So Davis stood up on his chair and yelled “I am the REFRIGERADOR.” Turns our the Costa Rican staff misheard him and translated the word wrong. Davis accidentally yelled to everyone that he was a refrigerator. It was absolutely hilarious and everyone had a good laugh!

Next we headed out to the field to play some REALLY fun games.

One game named “Chiky Chiky Choi Chiky Choi Poi Poi” had us rolling because we had no clue what we were doing as you can see in the video below!

After we played a game that was basically rock, paper, scissors but every time you won you added whoever lost to you to your “chain.” By the end there are two long lines competing to win!

Our final game was like nothing we have ever played before! It was a game where we got in multiple lines and the front of the line tried to chase the back of the line and steal a flag that the person in the back was wearing! It was confusing, fun, hilarious, and tiring.

To get a good picture of what it started like here is a picture:

And here is how it ended:

It was a blast!

After game time, we headed inside for the most glorious Costa Rican tradition of all – it’s something they call COFFEE BREAK. At around 6pm everyday Costa Ricans break for coffee and we have all decided that this is absolutely something we should do in the States. We are BIG fans.

Our last activity at the church was a small worship session with all the campers that was a lot of fun and super encouraging. Then we loaded up the bus to arrive at La Campina!

Needless to say today has been FUN! We still have dinner, cabin assignments, club and a theme night activity called “find your counselor” (which we can’t WAIT to play!) left to do tonight.

Our update was a little earlier today and that’s because now that camp is starting it will be much easier to post in the middle of the day rather than later at night!

So check out the blog tomorrow in the late afternoon to get an update on tonight through our second morning of camp!

Thanks for following along and ¡Buenos Noches!

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  1. SO FUN!!! I completely agree that Coffee Break is something you all should bring back to Pine Cove…. I think it would go over pretty well 😉

    Know that your team is being prayed for by name and that you all are doing such great work! The Lord has such a unique way of reminding us that The Gospel is not hindered by language barrier, physical distance, or cultural difference. I pray that all walls will be broken down for the sake of His name!

    I’ll never forget last year in Panama on the first day of camp, BK high-fived himself in the gauntlet because a camper rejected him…. maybe Carol can find the photo for you all 🙂 It’ll make you laugh!!

    PRAYING FOR YOU GUYS SO MUCH, you are rockstars!!!


  2. PALS!!!

    Just saw BK’s facebook post so I’m catching up on the posts. But this looks so stinkin AWESOME. I just sat here dying laughing at the chiky chiky game, I love it!! UGH, so cool to see God bring his people from all different places together to be used for His Glory. I LOVE IT. I LOVE YALL. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MORE STORIES. Y’all are so wonderful! Praying God fills your hearts with His love and kindness for the people you serve and share with!


  3. You guys are SO fancy with your coffee breaks. Ok I will join every day at the same time, should be about 7am our time right?.. if not I’ll hit up a 2pm cup too just in case. Can’t wait to hear the tension, humor, fear, and triumph the skit will bring! Praying for you guys!