Day 5

Posted Jan 8, 2018

Day 5 was a blast! A few of our staffers woke up early to watch the sunrise over the camp… we can all agree that the 5:00 alarm is well worth it when the sunrise looks like it does here!

I am here to report that cooking our own breakfast was a success! We took the kids down by the lakefront and each cabaña found their own firewood and made their own fire. The counselors all helped campers make toast with fried eggs in the middle. The campers loved using the fire skills they learned yesterday.

After make your own breakfast we surprised our Pine Cove staff and took them down to a dock overlooking the lake and had a few hours to swim in the stunning Lago de Coatepeque. The water is definitely clearer than Texas lakes and it was a mind blowing thought that we were swimming in a volcanic crater!

After lunch and siesta we played station games around camp- a relay race at the pool, a tag game on the lawn and a water slide game up on the soccer field. One of the best parts about doing camp here is the reminder that joy knows no cultural boundaries and seeing the kids have a blast brings all of us a lot of joy!

We had a super hero themed dinner last night where all the kids dressed up with their cabins as their favorite superhero. We had all the traditional Superman, Spider-Man, Batman but I think most creative had to have been Belle from Beauty and the Beast or undercover Superman- button up shirt included! Each cabin preformed in a talent show last night and our very own Garret was one of the chosen judges! They only asked him to say if he was “happy” or “sad” after each performance, he is basically on track to being the next Simon Cowell!

We only have one full day of camp left but we went to bed encouraged last night by the vision of why we do camp. We are loved by Jesus Christ and that love compels us to be His hands and feet during our short time on this earth! 2 Corinthians 5:20 tells us that we are ambassadors for Christ and even when many of us can’t speak the same language we are still able to love them, serve them and intercede on behalf of them. Please pray for energy and that more souls will be saved on our last full day here at camp!

Signing off,


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  1. I have loved all the updates! it sounds like y’all have been having a blast, and the Lord has been using/teaching y’all in mighty ways!!

    I am with Jenny Sowers though…we need some language blunders. Surely Gembol has said some things that were completely wrong with the language barrier.

  2. We really enjoy seeing all the pics & hearing about what all y’all have done each day!
    Continueing to pray that God is glorified in all you do!
    Love & miss you my Baylee Boo😘

  3. I’m loving seeing pictures of smiling kids who are learning about the great news of Jesus through y’all. Nat, I love you and am continuing to pray for you! Can’t wait to hear about everything when you’re back. I encourage you to pursue boldness, embrace hardship, and cherish the times when you feel Christ’s love so evidently.

  4. Love reading the daily updates from Camp and the personal tour I got this morning thanks to Garret, via WhatsApp! It is so awesome to see all that God is doing in the lives of the campers and staff members. It is always so beautiful to watch God’s love in action on mission trips proving that there is no boundary that can contain His love for His children! True love knows no bounds! May the Lord continue to anoint and appoint each one of you as you do His work among the nations. May you grow deeper in your knowledge of just how deep and wide His love is for you! Keep on keeping on! God isn’t finished yet!

    Love in Christ,
    Garret’s Mom…Kara Hyden

  5. What a pleasure it is to share your camp adventures this week through your blog posts! I pray that your last day with campers will be powerful and a lasting reminder of His love.
    Laura Scherer

  6. What a FUN day! Happy to read about fun and a refreshed perspective on ministry. I am certain those kids are having the time of their lives! Praying y’all finish strong. Love you guys!

    “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, KNOWING that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.”
    -1 Cor. 15:58

  7. What a wonderful experience for both campers and staff!! Not only having the opportunity to share the Good News, but expanding your culinary expertise, as well!! Shout out to the skilled med staff, too!!