Day five has come to a close much faster than any of us had expected! Being the last full day of camp, our staff seized every opportunity to bring the energy, love on our campers, and enjoy camp in Peru! This morning we started out with a mega frisbee golf game, which quickly turned into “everyone dog-pile on top of the frisbee anytime it is visible” as JR commentated the entire event, keeping us all entertained! Later in the day we had a big water balloon fight. The campers went loco and revolted, resulting in every Peruvian and Pine Cove Staffer getting soaked in buckets of water! Needless to say, the campers had a blast targeting the staff and seeing the reactions from their counselors. Our last big event of the day was activity classes around the camp. In bringing some of the Ranch to Peru, we played zorb ball, shot bows and arrows in archery, and painted faces in arts in crafts! I was so fortunate to meet Spider Man, Optimus Prime, and many other characters walking around camp today! As the evening approached and we were hanging out with the niños for free time, I visited with a few of the other girls on the trip. We were discussing how difficult the language barrier was and how it has left us mentally drained, but has taught us so much. We discovered that we all have come to love these kids more than we ever had anticipated! Because we are incapable of telling the children how much we love them and why, we have to show them that we love them with our actions. Whether that’s making funny faces, holding hands with every chica on the camp grounds or smiling when we sometimes don’t want to, we get to show them that we love them because He first loved us. It’s been a beautiful experience learning to love without words, and I am pumped to see how this translates into daily life for all of us! All in all, it’s been a wonderful day. We’re sad to see the campers leave tomorrow but look forward to reflecting on all that God has done this week. We’ll be back before you know it, people!

Until next time,
Sarah Jones