I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed! As I type, we are wrapping up our final hours at camp for the week. Last night was a special time as the last night together. After dinner we made our way to the campfire (kudos to Ebans for starting an awesome campfire with wet fire wood!) and taught our campers how to make s’mores! The concept was a little lost as most ate the roasted marshmallow, chocolate and cookies separately but hey – why not?

We then sang several Spanish worship songs outside and Kyle gave a talk on God’s creation of the universe and how the correlates to our salvation.
Did you know that from the earth we can see 70,000 million million million stars? That’s ten times the amount of grains of sand in the earths oceans and deserts! How humbling to remember that the very God who created our universe created us in His image. It says in Luke 12:7 that the “very hairs on our head our numbered” and that same all powerful God so desires a relationship with us. To Him be the glory!

This morning, we concluded with a Bible Study in which counselors were able to share their testimony and reflect on the week with their campers. Currently, campers are competing again for our Search for Treasure game from Monday – this time the winning cabin gets to pick out a backpack!

Buses arrive today at 2pm after we finish the week with a time of camper share. We have truly loved our time here and made some sweet friendships. Thank you for partnering with us and enabling us to do ministry here!

PS: The picture below of the dancing was last night at dinner – since we have been teaching so many Pine Cove dances here, our national friends arranged a surprise performance of a traditional Panama dance in full costume! We loved it! And we were even able to learn some as well when they called us on stage to jump in!