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Day 4 Photos!

Posted Jan 8, 2017

Day 4 was SO MUCH FUN! These pictures will give you a little peak into our incredible second full day of camp. Enjoy!

P.S. Any captions refer to whatever is pictured directly above it!

It’s the birthday girl! Happy 23rd Sara!

Club is fun in Panama!

Barrett got to be a part of the lunch skit or “sketch” as the Panamanians call it. Here he is being “interviewed.” Totally hilarious!

One of Carter’s campers found a Pine Cone and gave it to him as a gift! How sweet!

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  1. AMIGOS!!!

    First off, Happy Birthday Sara!! Having it in Panama must have been a blast. These pictures are awesome (no doubt Haylee and Mckaela are killin it) and it looks like both y’all and the ninos are having an awesome time. I am so excited for what the Lord is doing this week through y’all and for Cermeno, and I’ve been praying hard for overflowing joy and energy through the heat, wisdom and discernment for how to act when things get a little out of control (never forget the last year’s talent show or the bus driver not showing up) and for language/cultural barriers to be knocked down! Embrace the differences and ask them about Central American culture, they’d love to tell you all about it. Keep up the faith and soak in every minute.
    Love you guys so much and tell Cesar I say hi!
    P.S. Enjoy the hot weather – it was 14 degrees yesterday morning here in Dallas!
    P.P.S. Don’t forget to play Mexican horse race