It’s the 4th day since the kids pulled into the gates and down our dirt road here in Pacora. (If it hasn’t been mentioned yet, Pacora is a town outside of the city of Chiclayo, but is still considered a part of Chiclayo. See “Plano and Dallas.”)

The first few days, our campers were very excitable, pretty rambunctious, and full of energy. Lots of wrangling – kids, that is. But it seems as though the kids are really warming up to us today, continuing to hang all over their counselors and *listen* when we ask them to come back to the group.

Breakfast featured more Peruvian toast, for lunch we had potatoes/carrots/rice and chicken soup (some of the kids’ soup bowls had fried chicken feet!). Right now, all of the cabins are working on murals – gluing newspaper and magazine clippings to poster board to represent the story of Zaccheus and Jesus.

A few of us are thankful for Pepto Bismol and sunscreen(sol bloqeaudor) today. And I’ll leave it at that…

Since we aren’t able to post a video of this, here’s the big lesson each of our team members is learning so far:

– Sarah J: “How important prayer is!”
– Grace: “Even when I feel like I have nothing to offer, your willingness to go and love people is the most Christ-centered sacrifice you can give.”
– Jonathan: “Not knowing if these kids are learning anything and having faith that God is working. And patience!”
– Moriah: “Not speaking the language doesn’t matter. It’s all about your love and actions. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!”
– Hannah: “I’ve learned a lot from how the Peruvians are so thankful for the little things. It makes me more thankful the little things and for the time I’ve had with them.”
– Jordan: “You can make a difference and love and serve others without having to speak the same language.”
– Sarah C: “The amount of grace you give shouldn’t be dependent on other people’s circumstances.”
– JR: “I’m learning how big God’s patience and lack of frustration truly is. It’s easy for me to get frustrated with not knowing the language.”
– Brett: “How little God needs me to do His work, but that He does use me anyway!”
– Avery: “I have a new meaning for the phrase ‘it’s not about me’. It’s tough to see fruit right now but I know it’s happening!”
– Blake: “No matter the circumstance or context, our main mission is to love the people around us and share Christ even if it seems impossible.”
– Lori: “The Lord can really speak through us – I’m randomly remembering words from Spanish class from years ago! And how powerful prayer is. Also, there are many incorrect ways to make rooster sounds.”
– Molly: “I’m being reminding that only God has the power to change hearts and we have to be faithful with what is in front of us.”
– Taylor: “My eyes are really being opened to how much I love being comfortable and how I don’t like not being in my comfort zone.”

Well, there you go folks! We’re learning a ton and can’t wait to get back home and share with y’all.

-Taylor, Fish Face, “Cada de Pescado”