Day 4: ¡No Se Trata de Mi! Orientation was a success!

Posted Jan 6, 2018


We’ll start off by saying – we couldn’t have asked for a better day today! Thank you for all your prayers. We are walking into our first day of camp tomorrow feeling unified and absolutely pumped about what God has in store for camp! Also, we met another Sebastian today, so that makes our Sebastian count 3 officially!

To start our day we headed to our Costa Rican friend Abdiel’s house for orientation! Him and his family were SO hospitable. They had fresh baked cookies when we walked in the door and we were all just so overjoyed. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by such incredible believers even when we are in another country!

We began orientation by finding out who our Costa Rican co-counselors would be and it got us so excited to start camp! Our campers range from 11-18 years old so we will have lots of different types of cabins and camp experiences! Many of the counselors already know the kids in their cabins because they attend church with them, so it’s very cool to hear how much they already know and care about their campers.

After our cabin assignments, we all sat in a big circle in the backyard and worshipped together. Words almost can’t describe how powerful it is to worship God in another country in two different languages! Sebastian, the youth pastor, spoke about how we are all united through Christ and how His church is unified in worship no matter the language! What an incredible testament to God’s power!

We also had an opportunity to pray with our Costa Rican friends in English and then they prayed over us in Spanish. So cool!

Once our worship session was over we played a few “get to know you” games with both of our staffs. Our first game was called Piñao. Its a game where you try to say another persons name as quickly as possible before the other person does. It’s hilarious when your not 100% sure what everyone’s name is! Then we played a Costa Rican version of the hand game “Down by the River” which was equally as hilarious!

Next we had a delicious lunch and some fun time to chat with our national staff. Then it was time to start our orientation sessions! We taught on 4 major Pine Cove philosophies: No Se Trata De Mi (It’s not about me), Nuestro Staff Es Nuestro Programa (Our staff is our program), Estar Con Sus Campistas (Be with your campers!) and finally Mayordomos (Stewardship). Sharing our camping philosophy with so many new counselors is always a joy because it means that we are partnering to serve the kingdom with them in excellence. That really pumps us up!

We then split up into our groups and got to know our co-counselors and fellow staffers a little better as well as planned and finalized some activities for camp. It was so encouraging to see the amount of incredible work these staff have put in to make camp happen and it’s all because they have a heart to share Jesus with these kids!

Finally, the best thing happened…DANCE PARTY!! We broke out the bluetooth speaker and taught our Costa Rican staff a ton of our Pine Cove dances – which they loved! Then they returned the favor by teaching us some Costa Rican dances as well! We were having a blast and thinking it couldn’t get any better UNTIL they offered to teach us how to dance Merengue!!! Now it was a real party. We all felt like honorary Ticos (that’s what the nationals call themselves here). Videos included below!!

Sadly our party ended when the bus arrived to take us home but we will see all our friends tomorrow! We hugged goodbye and headed home for dinner.

After dinner we met as a staff and we prayed for continued unity, life change, and salvation for our counselors and campers. We ask you to partner with us in the same prayer!

We can’t WAIT to post about our first day of camp tomorrow and thanks again for following along on our adventure!!

¡Hasta Mañana!

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  1. YO!!! Apologies for the lack of presence in the comments section, I was busy with the wedding of Moon Man and Dolphin Fail! They ought to be in the Bahamas by now. Anyway, those dances looked like something we might make happen at the Ranch in 2018. Can’t wait to read the blog about the first day of camp. Don’t be hindered! No matter what, be obedient to what God is doing in your life and the lives of those around you. Nothing stops Jesus, and you’re a fellow heir with him. Vamos equipo! Ay ay ay ay!!!

  2. MY PEOPLE!!!!! I am so proud of all of you and PUMPED for your first day of camp!!! Know that we are praying for you all back here in the good ol state of texas. Continue to be obedient to the Lord and fight the freakin’ GOOD FIGHT ppl!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL

  3. Comments with Carol!!!!!!! I hope you all are having a wonderful time touring Costa Rica and getting to know the other counselors/staff. I’ve loved reading about your experiences and seeing all the fun pictures! You all are going to make such a difference in the lives of your campers, and I am so pumped to read/hear about it!! I’m praying the Lord works through every one of you, breaks down any cultural barriers there may be, and allows lifelong relationships with your Co’s and campers to be made. I know y’all are going to have an incredible experience!


    1. Piñao is great. Glad to see that game making a commission camping comeback! Hopefully it was easier with so many Sebastians?

    2. Y’all’s dance moves are incredible (we love it) please teach us all when you come back.

    3. It’s so cool to see such amazing unity amongst you and your Costa Rican counterparts. What a testament to the Gospel and evidence that the Lord is not bound by our own cultural biases, by language, by distance, or different social norms! He is so good!

    Hope you’re getting plenty of coffee and a little rest! Keep up the great work!