Last nights talent show was truly great. Each cabin was in charge of developing a talent and had the afternoon to work on it – with the significant language barrier, we had no idea what this would look like but each group did a fantastic job! We had several groups sing songs in Spanish, one performance of the Wobble, one human pyramid and couple of dramas centered around gospel presentations. Keep in mind this is all in Spanish and our staff is leading these talents. Needless to say, it provided for some great videos!

One of the highlights of the performance was a skit called “El Autobús” in which Jesus is seated first on the bus however, when more interesting things arrive (examples included Justin Beiber and One Direction), he is pushed to the back of the bus and he is no longer seen. The bus then crashes and Jesus is the only one who can truly save those on board. During the scene of the bus crashing, we had a surprise visitor when a dog walked on stage and interrupted the whole performance. It got quite a few laughs from the audience as he made himself at home the rest of the evening in our dining hall!

This morning, we continued with our rotation of activity classes – the girls went to the pool and played water volleyball and worked on arts and crafts while the boys are playing soccer and even learning American Football! Each cabin is going all out for our Spirit Coconut – it’s been neat to see them get excited and come up with their own cheers for the day! Yesterday, Colin’s group took home the prize but today is another story…

This afternoon, we’ll be heading back to the beach to cool off during free time and play other beach games. Tonight, we are planning on building a bonfire and roasting marshmallows (a new concept to our campers!) and then finishing the evening with Kyle’s star talk in which he teaches about His magnificent creation and how big our God truly is. Tonight will be our last with campers as they will be heading back to their homes tomorrow afternoon.

Please continue to pray for God to work in the hearts and lives of our campers.

Also, a note from a trip leaders perspective: our college staff has truly been phenomenal. They’ve truly made this week incredible for these kids with the way they’ve been the hands of feet of Jesus and served so well. Evan and I have truly been grateful for each and every person on this team – they’ve made our jobs easy!