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Day 4 and We Want More!

Posted Jan 7, 2017

¡Hola Amigos!

Today was so much fun! Some of our staff started out the day by serving in the kitchen and washing dishes! And they (of course) had fun while doing it! After breakfast, we went into a time of worship which was an absolute blast as always! You wouldn’t believe it but at lunch, the Panamanians had our Pine Cove staff face off against one another in a RAP BATTLE. That’s right – a rap battle! It was hilarious! Of course, our staff did great but the competition was hands down won by our very own Ty Herring. He killed it! Below is a video of his battle winning rhymes and also a picture of him with his adoring fans!

  Next – activity time! The Panamanians love la piscina or “the pool.” They enjoyed cooling down for a bit and having some fun in the sun!

We also played a little bit of kickball or “footbeis” and it was a blast!​​​

In VERY important news, today is Sara Lair’s birthday!! We celebrated her with everything from birthday cake to an all camp rendition of Feliz Cumpleanos! She was also serenaded with a beautiful PVC pipe flute rendition of Happy Birthday by our favorite little friend, Alan! Blessings abound!We finished our day getting MUDDY!!! The Panamanians created an incredible ropes course with tire runs, sack races, and mud pits. Needless to say, we got messy! It was SO fun.We just finished up dinner and are praising God for an amazing day through worship. Today was GOOD and we praise the Lord for all He is doing here at camp. Please continue to pray for health, safety, and that hearts would be changed by the Gospel here in Panama! 

¡Hasta Luego!

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  1. I posted this on yesterday’s blog, but I hope you guys read this tonight!

    OH MAN YOU GUYS!!! This rules. I know the kids are having a blast! I love you all and am praying for you that you would be thirsting after the Lord even when you’re stinkin tired and feel overwhelmed and also when awesome moments are happening. Cling to the Lord and work, knowing that you are eternally His. Jesus fills and surrounds you and all the people you are loving in this time!

    Love from the Forge!