Day 3: Pine Cove takes on the Big City (aka San Jose!)

Posted Jan 5, 2018


Today was our last day of tourism here in Costa Rica 🙁 But we can’t be sad for too long because that only means that tomorrow is our first day of orientation for camp – YIPEE!!

However, we of COURSE want to share with you all of the fun things our Costa Rican friends took us to do today 🙂 So lets go!!

First, we ate a delicious traditional style breakfast of Gallo Pinto, eggs, cheese, plantains, and as always coffee!

With our tummies full and our hearts ready for an adventure, we all set out to explore our camp ground and, wow, we found some amazing stuff! Including some very cute dogs 🙂

After our exploration and spending some time in God’s word, we got ready and then got picked up in our bus to head into town. We took the bus right into the middle of San Jose and that is where our adventure began!

Our sweet Costa Rican friend Abdiel acted as our tour guide on our day in the big city. We started by walking through the square that houses the national museum and got a little insight into Costa Rican history.

One of the historic objects we got to see was the historic Stone Balls of Costa Rica or “Las Bolas.” These balls were supposedly made around the year 600AD and no historians have a solid understanding of how exactly they were engineered – pretty fascinating!

After our history lesson, our next stop was a crowd favorite – shopping! We walked through the Costa Rican outdoor market and perused for all kind of souvenirs and fun trinkets 🙂

Next on the agenda was a trip to the mall in downtown San Jose for lunch! As we walked, our tour guide Abdiel continued to point out and describe interesting places around the city including San Jose’s China Town!

We also stopped to see Costa Rica’s beautiful national theatre!

After a fun lunch where we got to chat and get to know our Costa Rican friends a little better, we headed out to the historic San Jose Central Market! It was created in 1880 and it takes up an entire block on Avenida Central. More shopping, exploring, and some INCREDIBLE coffee were the highlights of this stop!

Finally we headed to see some of the fun street art around San Jose but on our way we stopped for popsicles (which were amazing) and donuts (maybe even more amazing) because we love the sugar rush, people!!

After taking our pictures in front of the beautiful San Jose street art we headed to the bus to get home and eat some dinner.

Tonight was filled with food, relaxing, and playing a a few INTENSE games of Nerts (for those who don’t know, Nerts is like a fast paced version of solitaire that you place in teams of two).

Now we are ready for some sleep and a full day of orientation where we will meet ALL of our camp staff for this week!

God is definitely answering our prayers for unity within our team and with the Costa Rican staff and we are praising Him for it! He has so much in store for us this week because camp hasn’t even begun – so crazy! We can’t wait for that portion of our ministry to begin on Sunday 🙂

¡Hasta Mañana!

See you tomorrow!

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