Day 3: It’s dance time!

Posted Jan 5, 2017

What a fun, full day of camp! We got to enjoy the morning with a devotional time with our cabins and pray together. After breakfast we spent some time worshipping and going through our bible study about seeking treasure in heaven. 

This morning we got to go to the pool which is a pretty big deal here in Guatemala. Many kids rarely, if ever get to swim in pools, so it was very fun to see the joy on their face! 

After lunch, we played lots of different games, but one in particular really stole the spotlight. Turns out, both our staff and the Guatemalan staff are really great at the limbo. We had the most intense limbo competition we’ve ever seen and it was awesome! Campers lined up to cheer their counselors on and it was so much fun. 

Tonight, one of the Guatemala staffers, Jorgema shared the gospel. He shared his testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness in his life and it was a powerful message for the campers. 

Lastly, we had a dance party!!! We had the opportunity to teach some Pine Cove dances and they were a hit! Everyone loves to wobble!

Tomorrow our first round of campers leave and we are praying that the lessons they learned here will turn into life lessons. We’re pumped for a few more hours tomorrow and hope to make the most of them! 

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  1. What you are doing is incredible, praying the messages you given the children and the seeds you have planted grow!