Hey there friends and family! Here we are again– Wednesday, our third day of camp!! But not only that— it’s Sarah’s birthday! We just celebrated with cokes and a birthday cake that the Peruvians surprised her with.

Today was such a fun day. First and foremost, Jesus went to Zaccheus’ house and ate with him. The past couple days Zaccheus had been taking “money” from the kids and they yell “malo” at him and chase him. Today after his change of heart, the kids yell “Bueno” and like him. Taylor as Jesus had the opportunity to hug each and every kid at camp individually.

We ate rice. (Again). I would be willing to bet each of us has eaten several pounds of rice since we’ve been here.

This morning we played several games and had bible study as a cabin. Each cabin also made a cabin mascot out of a box, a couple of which were SpongeBob SquarePants and Iron Man.

This afternoon we had station games and more games and songs. After dinner they had a worship session and a bonfire where we heard a short message and Taylor dressed as Jesus reminded the kids of Zaccheus’ example in following him.

We’re getting a little tired but having a blast. We are praying for heart change for the kids here at camp. Many of them come from very broken families and have never received love like we are showing them. They come from cities where there is a lot of pain, violence, and crime. Please pray that they would be receptive to what we have to say and that they would realize that true joy comes from Jesus alone!

Thanks for reading and for your prayers!