The lights and sounds game was really fun! After that each cabin went back and did circulo de amigos or friendship circle where they got to recap the day. They talked about their favorite part of the day and what they learned from bible study or something else.

After the kids went to sleep, the Pine Cove staff had a meeting to do the same. We talked about struggles we had that day, high moments, what the Lord taught us that day, and what our co counselors taught us as well.

Here are some things that were expressed.

Brad – During bible study all four of my kids were fully engaged the whole time. And at that on the first day! It was so exciting.

Keaton – My low was sitting in a pile of ants during bible study. My high part of the day is that I really enjoyed worship tonight because I had to think about all of the words being sung because they we’re in Spanish. And it made the songs that more impactful.

Claire – my co counselor has been doing great. She spoke for an hour straight and not even reading from the pamphlet and did awesome at keeping the girls engaged in the bible study.

All – how is speaking/understanding Spanish? A lot of laughing but they said more or less and they think we know more than we do. We just keep nodding our heads yes.

Brad – The kids are even bringing me in and involving me in the activities.

Sadie – I have a girl that is fluent in English and has helped translate. But all of the other girls have such a desire to learn English. They don’t ignore me because I don’t know a lot of Spanish.

Will Ross – I have really been humbled today. By not being able to communicate is hard. But seeing my kids with a passion to learn more English for my sake so that we can interact more is really cool.

Sydney – I am blown away by the amount of energy before lunch and they was the first meal of the week. It is so exciting to see that. And even if that’s all we are here for then its worth it to show them that!

After the Pine Cove staff meeting was over, the El Salvadorian staff had a meeting and had some of the same questions and responses. It was cool to see and hear how they responded to the first day of camp.

Today begins the first full day of camp. We had egg omelets, beans, plantains, and rolls for breakfast. It was delicious! We even sang the national anthem of El Salvador with the flag.


After breakfast we had more activity classes. The kids really enjoyed it.


Arts and crafts is doing great is bracelets and painting and many other things.


A huge part of our day is that after the activity classes are over, we use spiritual application to tie in the class and something about our faith with God. It is amazing how everything we do can relate to God.


And here is another view of the basketball and volleyball court with the mountains in the background.

We are now moving into snacks and bible study before lunch. They will be talking about how the Word of God comes first. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us

The Timbers