Day 2 of camper is currently underway and it’s been awesome. After a good nights sleep last night (minus the roosters who have no concept of time), we were ready to go hard this morning! We started with breakfast (where we now actually have a sound system and microphones, which allows meals to go much more smooth) and taught our campers the wobble! We are hoping they will all join in by the end of the week, this morning, we got a lot of strange looks. Haha.

We then did Bible Study and activity classes, once again, so impressed with how attentive these kids are! Campers are rotating between activities such as basketball, soccer, arts and crafts, pool (thanks to our Towers neighbors for letting us borrow!), capture the flag and more! I always love how the activity you thing is going to be a bust ends up the favorite – so far, our giant parachute has been a winner with the oldest guys cabin, haha! They are playing cat and mouse where one on top of the parachute is chasing another on the bottom while the people on the bottom fan the parachute so the chaser has no idea where the “mouse” is. They love it! Campers will also be competing for the “spirit coconut” throughout the morning – the team with the most spirit wins (literally our decorative decorative coconut to carry around).

Word on the street is that it’s very cold back home – don’t get too jealous, but we are loving the 95 degree weather here! Evan (also known in Panama and from here after in life as Ebans) was ambushed as he brought water to the campers this morning.

This afternoon we head to the beach for free time.

God is good. To Him alone be the glory!

Hasta Luego!