It’s the first full day of camp here in Peru for the Ranch team and local staff!

Since we’re at a “Year 3” location, we get the opportunity to watch the Peruvian staff run the program and we get a lot of time with the kids.

Devo time, breakfast, all camp games, lunch, more games, ¡LA PISCINA! (the pool), more games, dancing, singing in Spanish, and more games.

Since we aren’t able to post photos, I want to share a few details to help you picture where we are:

– The camp also functions as a farm with a cows, several crops, and a rooster. Many stories will be told about this rooster when we get back…(no one likes the rooster, especially at 5am).
– The “dining hall” is about the size of a Pine Cove dining hall…but there is not a roof, kinda. The roof is half metal tin and the other half netting. When a heavy wind picks up, the metal tin will flap around and scare all the Americans (us). Haha.
– There is no power or electricity at camp, until 6pm when they kick the generator on. Then we get lights and power to the sound system. (All you need for camp is a location, staff, and kids! And we’re loving it.)
– Apparently there is a heavy Chinese influence in major parts of Peru. So tonight we ate a chicken/beef fried rice.
– A few of us will come back with some sun-kissed faces and necks. But we’re applying sunscreen diligently, moms!
– Our staff are learning Spanish (very basic Spanish) really quickly! And the local team and especially the kids are very patient to teach us!
– These kids can turn anything into a soccer ball.
– All the girls constantly have chicas crawling all over them.
– All our guys are constantly creating new handshakes with the kids.
– We’re getting pushed and learning a ton and can’t wait for the rest of the week!

Leave some more comments – we’re loving the encouragement and definitely need it!