Day 2 of Camp: The Lord Provides!

Posted Jan 5, 2016

After a full morning of activities, Bible study, and a whole lot of dancing, we were ready to sit down for a good meal, and we were not disappointed. We were given not only full stomachs but entertainment as well! Today we had our first skit, and our staff, together with the Dominican staff, brought the story of a kidnapped princess to life. To say the kids were invested would be an understatement.



IMG_5319 IMG_5326 IMG_5329

We followed our meal with a bit of free time! The river was a go-to destination as the campers got to swim and slide into the water. It’s a lot of fun getting to share these experiences with them!


After the sun set and we’d finished dinner, Pat “Michelangelo” Preston gave a message on Colossians 3:5-17. We followed it with a meaningful game in which campers were given 4 items labeled as medieval treasures and were given three different paths to walk. Depending on the path they chose, they encountered different obstacles and distractions to lead them off of the path. Their goal was to find the endpoint in the path which was a bonfire set up for worship and reflection over the message.


The hope of the game and message was that our campers would see the many things of the world that distract us in our walk with Christ and choose to turn away from those worldly desires and distractions.

By God’s grace, and from what the Dominican leaders told us, we believe around 20 campers gave their lives to Christ and accepted him as Lord and Savior. That’s nearly half of the campers that are here!

Stop for a moment, and let’s praise God for this outpouring of love on these campers. How amazing it is that our Father goes beyond nationalities and language barriers to unite brothers and sisters in Christ.


Thank you for continuing to pray for us. We seriously appreciate it. Tomorrow the campers leave after lunch, and the team will get some much needed rest before a full day of tourism. We’re thankful to see how the Lord has worked and are looking forward to finishing this session with excellence, by His grace and for His glory.

P.S. The Dominican Republic is beautiful and everyone is having a blast!


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  1. So happy to see all of your smiling faces!! I love how Pine Cove staff is so creative with delivering God’s message…..just amazing! The love & open arms the Dominican Republic has received you is palpable! See you soon TJ!! Praying for continued blessings.

  2. Praise God! I just love hearing that! No wonder Satan was so set on y’all not getting there or not having your stuff. He gave you every reason to complain and have a poor attitude because he didn’t want those kids to hear the gospel!

    Way to push through for His glory and His namesake! Proud of you and praying for you!

  3. I love seeing these pictures and reading how you are bringing the Good News to the campers. So cool!! We continue to send prayers for safety, strength, and resolve to do what the Lord puts in front of you. Please give Maddie a group squeeze from us and then rotate everyone into the middle for a huge hug from all of us back home!!

  4. Praising God for using you guys through the Holy Spirit to reach hearts He had prepared in advance to seek and find Him! I love the way you taught the campers how our choices in life have such a great effect on where and how our journey ends. God bless each one of you as you serve Him, now and for years to come.