Good morning!
I can’t believe how quickly camp is flying by. The days are long here but the week will be short. We are urging our staff to be reminded of how limited their time with their cabin is and praying that the name of Jesus would be made much of.

Day 2 and our first full day was a BLAST. After our campers finished activity classes (girls were at the 4 layer pool, see photo below, it really does have 4 layers!) and we all had lunch, we taught our campers Zorb Ball. It was absolutely wild. We took down all the chairs and tables in the dining hall, explained the rules, cranked up the music and let the madness ensue. They had a blast and I’m sure we will play again before the week is over! During free time, cabins were free to pick their activity from the pool, arts and crafts and a variety of sports. I’ve been loving seeing each cabin bond together during the day and engage with their counselors. Most free time activities have included Spanish/English lessons with their Pine Cove counselor. It’s so neat to watch each try to learn the others language, some are communicating better than others…haha

After dinner, we played Operation Infiltration with the whole camp. We weren’t sure how successful we would be with a small space to work with and so many campers. They LOVED it. We told the cabins they must travel together and if caught by the infiltration force they just disguise themselves in order to move forward and reach their checkpoint. Seeing camp filled with high schoolers disguised as cats, dogs, birds, wolves, Justin Beiber, dancers and more was the most entertaining thing ever. Congrats to the cabin of Alec and David’s cabin we took home the win!

We then finished the evening with worship and a message on Jesus as the Living Water and how Jesus gave the woman at the well the choice between water from the world that will leave her empty of water that will bring life.
“If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink, whoever believes in me, as the Scriptures has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” john 7:37
We challenged our campers to know that their souls were made to thirst after God because they were created by Him and for Him.

Pray for energy, creative and wisdom for our staff as they continue to invest and pour out. Thankful for each one of you that have come alongside our team!