The rest of our day 2 has been great. We continued with our activities and added a few variations (wobble dance class, push up contests and face painting)! After our morning activities we had lunch and gave away our Spirit Coconut to the guys in Alec’s cabin – they worked hard cheering all day to take home the prized coconut! After lunch we taught our campers to play the classic “Ships and Sailors” and they loved it! I’m pretty sure they would have played all day if we had let them.

We then made our way to the beautiful beach for free time. It was a great afternoon for relay races, swimming, volleyball and more!

After dinner, we played Operation Infiltration on the soccer field and they were SO into it. Our oldest guys cabin, team name: Black Eagles, came home with the victory after completing the course three times.

Tonight, we went to worship and one of our national friends spoke from Matthew about Jesus calling Peter out from the boat and stepping out in faith. At the end of the service, 5 campers trusted Jesus as their Savior! All the work we’ve done, it’s all worth it for the sake of the gospel. Praise Jesus!

We, as a team, are continuing to learn that The Lord provides everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). For us, as a culture, who are so reliant on structure, tasks and schedules being thrown into this new environment has allowed us to be dependent on The Lord in new ways. Thankful we don’t have to worry, for if any impact is made here this week, it is all for His glory and not ours!

Please continue to pray for our campers, that they will hunger and thirst for Living Water and seek Him desperately.

God is good.