Day 2: Campers are Here!

Posted Jan 4, 2017

We woke up this morning to the most beautiful surprise. When we got to camp last night it was dark, so we’re weren’t able to see the camp until this morning. Turns out we’re situated on a hillside overlooking a lake and mountains… this isn’t Texas anymore!!
We met the Guatemalan staff this morning and walked through what Pine Cove is and how camp works. We also got to play some fun icebreakers and learn some native dances! 

Campers came at 2PM and we jumped right in! We did activity classes all around camp. We loved getting to teach Gaga Ball, dodgeball, and football, as well as soccer or fútbol. 

Tonight for dinner we dressed up as pirates and played a game to find treasure that some “pirates” hid around camp. We ended the night with some worship and a club talk about abundant life in Jesus, even during trials and problems.

We’re thanking the Lord for how he provided safe travels for our 60 campers and for a really fun first day. We’re thankful for our new friendships and campers who have so much energy and are so fun!

Tomorrow we will be sharing the gospel, and many of these kids have not heard of Jesus before, so be praying with us that their hearts would be softened and that their eyes would be open. 

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