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Day 2 and Campers are here!

Posted Jan 5, 2017

—Campers are here! Campers are here! 

And to tell you all about it we have a special guest post from our very own Sara Lair!

Take it away Sara!—

Hola, Sara aqui! Today began with a short morning hike to a special place on this camp site called “the slab.” The slab is a beautiful lookout, on top of a very big hill, that allows you to see camp and some beautiful mountains. This is my third year coming on this Panama trip, and I have started my day out with the Lord in this spot everytime. After quiet time, we ate breakfast. 

Soon after we started eating the CAMPERS FINALLY ARRIVED! Three giant bus loads of them came down the very narrow road on their way into camp! We greeted them in usual Pine Cove fashion. We cheered, danced, and screamed as loud as we could. We tried our best to incorporate some Spanish in our cheers and came up with, shaking our hands up and saying “hola,” and then shaking them down and saying “como estas?” Next, we made an assembly line in order to get all of the luggage from the front of the camp, down the hill, and to the basketball court. Major team work points!! 

The campers were given teams and team colors. The teams consist of a boy cabin and a girls cabin that are the same age. These teams will work together all week to win the SPIRIT BAZOOKA! Awesome, I know! Today, they made up team chants and shared them with the whole group. After lunch and team time, we began our first set of activity classes. If I had to describe this activity classes in one word it would be, CRAY. They are so much fun! The Panimainians have taken normal everyday games such as ping pong, pool, capture the flag, and soccer, and have hyped them up – Panamanian style! We play soccer with brooms, and we dive to the bottom of the pool for a spoon and tie a balloon to it to make it go to the top. Also, capture the flag no longer requires two feet on the floor, and getting people down by pulling their flag. This capture the flag requires you to pick up the quarterback, and carry them into the endzone. Did I mention that the endzone is filled with a wall of kids from the other team that you must crash through in order to score? Yea, CRAY! 

This has been such a great first day, and it’s not even close to being over yet. We still have dinner, worship, and team time! The worship is one of my favorite parts of the trip. It’s such a cool feeling and picture of how the Lord is limitless. He can speak to multiple people through a song that don’t even speak the same language. The music from this church is unreal. They are all so talented. They make not knowing any of the words they are singing so enjoyable! 

Finally, to all of those followers out their that have gone on this trip in the past, Allen is here. He has a little brother, Alejandro (pictured below). Cutest thing I have ever seen. Nuff said. Thanks for reading. Much love. 


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  1. Beyond the boarder, beyond the way for sure with that game…sounds intense! Thanks for the update Sara!

  2. Love seeing pictures of the camp and campers and reflecting on how many lives I got to see changed by that place, especially my own. Praying for you all to see radical changes in the lives of your campers and to see the Spirit work in BIG ways!

    -Clean Up on Aisle 2 (I think that’s still mine until this summer haha)