Day 1 of Session 1

Posted Jan 5, 2016

Yesterday we arrived at camp and got too see where we will be doing camp. It was beautiful! Throughout the week we will share pictures with you to show it. 
After we got settled into our cabins, we ate some delicious food. We had chicken in a glaze, mashed potatoes, bread and a small salad. It was our first El Salvador meal cooked in house and it was great!
Then the afternoon consisted of teaching some of the lesions about how we do camp as Pine Cove. It was interesting because Davis or Garret would be speaking in English and then we have a translator that speaks in Spanish to relate it to the national staffers here. It was nice to be reminded of why we are a part of Pine Cove and do the ministry that we do. We talked about how being here at camp it is not about me. We are here to serve God through serving our campers and live out what we have learned in Scripture. 

We got to play some fun games during our breaks. Some helped reinforce the lessons we were learning, and some were solely for fun! The first was called Hot Horchata which is a hand game where you go around in an order. If you mess up then you lose that hand. Each table played and then the winners came to a champion table. It got intense!


Another game we played was musical chairs. But not just your mom and pop’s version. We didn’t have a sound system at the time so our very own Austin Murray was the jukebox and sand anything he wanted. He was so good!


This morning we woke up and had another great meal with rolls, cheese, meat, and beans. Then we got our stuff settled in our cabin because campers were coming.




All of the campers arrived in 2 buses. This is much different than the 100+ cars that we jump for with Camp in the City!! When it pulled into the parking lot, we were jumping and cheering for every kid that got off the bus to show them how excited we were to have them. The kids found out who their leaders are for the session and then headed off around camp. Each cabin was able to make a cabin cheer and create a flag for their group. We have some fantastic artists!

 It’s a great first day of camp and we are being flexible with our staff and campers since we can’t speak all of the words they do. But we have a smile on our face and energy to make up for it! Stay posted for more. 

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  1. This takes me back to Commission Camping in Costa Rica 2 years ago! If I have any advice, it would be to make yourself look like a goof by making up Spanish words and phrases that if you don’t know any. It makes for some funny moments with campers and allows them to see you are trying to relate. Day 1, Go Hard!

  2. Hey Busta!

    It’s so great to see y’all back in El Salvador this year! I’ve been drinking coffee out of the mug that they gave me for the past few months so it’s been on my mind. I hope y’all have a great time and that all of the campers receive a great understanding of the Gospel.

  3. Spaghetti OOOOOOO for the win! Glad to see that you don’t need stuff to have a good time! Literally the staff are the program.

    I appreciate all the pictures and love seeing the joy on everyone’s face.

    Praying for you. Hug all my Boulder Babes…and all my City Peeps! Love em!

  4. Go City go! More like go God go! So cool to see how presence and availability are all the Lord needs from us. Also neat to see the joy and happiness on everyone’s face! Praying for walls to be broken down!