Today has been such a whirlwind, I can hardly even process it. Today, we started our morning early by meeting our campers at our host church in Chorerra, we introduced ourselves and then taught them how to do “Flee Fly,” a popular camper cheer at Pine Cove. They mostly stared at us as we sang gibberish and urged them to join in! A few hours later, we got on a bus to go to our camp about an hour away. It is BEAUTIFUL! We divided up our campers with their counselors and had a late lunch. Again, we had lots of stares as they watched us cheer and jump around. After lunch, our Panamanian counselors led Bible Study while our counselors sat in. Like last year, I’m so impressed with how attentive they are. After an hour, they are still engaged and asking questions. Such a difference than the short attention spans our counselors are used to.
We then led everyone to the beautiful beach, where we spent free time playing beach games and enjoying the ocean (not a bad free time, eh?)
The arrival of our sound system at dinner was a life saver! We were able to communicate better and even teach some Pine Cove dances!
After dinner we played a game we made up called as Spirit Stations, in which each cabin travels to different team building games (human knot, gaga ball, bucket head and current) all while cheering with their cabin. This game was a turning point for us as we were blown away by the excitement and energy! I wish I could attach a video of It here. Go to our @pinecovecriercreek Instagram for a video!) What a joy to see the campers engaged as they began to trust their counselors! We are currently listening to teaching from one of our national staffers, Roger, as he preaches from the Bible.
We are so thankful for the connection and unity already with our campers. Our Panamanian counselors ROCK and we are loving coming alongside them.
To God be the glory.