Day 1: Campers are HERE!

Posted Jan 4, 2016

Today we saw Paraguay in the light for the first time ever and we also
got our campers!

We started out our day with a great breakfast and followed that with
Way sessions (Pine Cove’s rule book that we train our summer staff
with) with our National staff to prepare them for the week.

Our campers started arriving at 3:00 and we had a blast playing games
and having fun with them. It’s been so cool to see our American staff
bond and relate even though most of us speak un poquito Español, thank
you Jesus! Today we got in our cabins and spent time setting
boundaries for our campers and making name tags which was a great time
to sit and have fun and break the ice! Then it was time for club and
we sang several songs in Spanish, a couple that we knew in English,
even. Joe, our camp director at Silverado gave the message tonight
challenging our campers to make good choices using the illustration of
David and Jonathan.

IMG_6661 IMG_2742 IMG_2743

Now it’s shower time and almost bed time. We are so excited for the week ahead!

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  1. It’s a marvelous thing to know that the Gospel and the Lords love transcends language barriers. I am so excited for all that is to come and pray that your time with the CCI staff truly blesses each of your hearts! Camping is a powerful ministry and it’s good to see the smile on everybody’s safe! Praying for you on the reg! Hope day 2 is great! Love you guys!

    I am excited to see the Lord using each of you! Know that you are in our prayers daily! Have fun! Press on! Love on them w the Love of Christ!

    Jeff “Backfire:” Lay